Monday, August 30, 2010

August Mixtape

Here is the (late) August mixtape. I tried to make it as beachy sounding as possible, while still mixing up genres.

I also made some actual mixtapes for those of you who still have cassette decks at home or in your car.
Keep an eye out for them, they could turn up anywhere!

I really enjoyed making this mix, and I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Download here

1. The Fall - Beat Happening

2. Animal Farm - The Kinks

3. Big Wave - Jenny & Johnny

4. Your Rabbit Feet - Wild Nothing

5. Not the Answer - Lorelei

6. Pancake - Swirlies

7. Serpentine Pad - Pavement

8. Girl Attorney - HEALTH

9. Red Alert - Teenage Jesus And The Jerks

10. Chin Up (feat. Nika Roza Danilova) - Former Ghosts

11. Ready For The World - How To Dress Well

12. Prologue - Kraftwerk

13. Order Of The Golden Dawn - Daedelus

14. Holograms (Primary 1 Rework) - Fol Chen

15. Am I Real? - Nite Jewel

16. La Femme Ressort - La Femme

17. On the Beach - Neil Young

18. Beechwood Park - The Zombies

1 comment:

  1. the musical menagerie lives on! also, i listen to the new jenny+johnny album everyday after classes soo good.