Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween (October) Mixtape

This month I decided to do a Halloween themed mixtape (big surprise).  I decided to make it up of songs that I think are actually spooky!  Some of the artists you've seen before on this blog, some on other blogs, and hopefully a couple of the tracks are new for you (I know "Lovely Bloodflow" has been all over the blogs for a while, but I couldn't resist a title like that...also, I kinda like it).

It's a little shorter than the previous mixes, but it's just as special! Enjoy!

Download here

1. Wander Birds - Lucky Dragons

2. Make My Sleep His Song - Broadcast & The Focus Group

3. Running Out Of You - Keep Shelly in Athens

4. In Violet (SALEM Remix) - HEALTH

5. Lake Eerie - Dream Boat


7. Voices - Nosaj Thing

8. Lovely Bloodflow - Baths

9. Slight Night Shiver - M83

10. Small - Portishead

11. Lawns Of Dawn - Nico

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