Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Mix

I feel like this mix is especially hodge-podge, but that's a good thing, I mean that's the point of these mixes, right?  There's some riot grrrl and X (RIP my Hole - Live Through This cassette that died this past Sunday),  a Purity Ring song that I'm obsessed with, a few songs that remind me of my mom, and quite a few brand new songs (I know there are two Quiet Lights songs, but I like them both...).  Hope you enjoy!

Download here

1.  Bunhill Fields - Amor de Dias

2.  CQ Car Chase - Mellow

3.  I'd Rather Dance With You - Kings Of Convenience

4.  Catch The Wind - Donovan

5.  Song for Adam - Jackson Browne

6.  The Arrangement - Joni Mitchell

7.  Lofticries - Purity Ring

8.  Sofija - Jesse Ruins

9.  Sunday - Dreams

10.  March - Quiet Lights

11.  Sundown - COLOURS

12.  Ablaze - Quiet Lights

13.  Malibu - Hole

14.  Outta Me - Bikini Kill

15.  Nausea - X

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  1. Check out Cults you'll love them!!! http://pitchfork.com/tv/#/music-videos/1674-cults/2693-abducted/