Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Playlist 3/12/14

I am not ashamed to say I love "F For You" w/ Mary J. Blige, she brings something to it that almost reminds me of 90's gym jams, but an updated version of it... This week I have music from this Saturday's KXSC Fest, The Grand Budapest Hotel Soundtrack, and The Flying Lizards!

Tune in today, Wednesday, from 1pm-2pm PST on kxsc!

1.  Possessed - Eagulls

2.  So Far Away - Axxa/Abraxas

3.  The Day You Died - Phantogram

4.  Starlight - Pure X

5.  Other People - Beach House

6.  Superstar - Sonic Youth

7.  Pygmalion - Liar

8.  1998 - Tarantula X

9.  F For You (feat. Mary J. Blige) - Disclosure

10.  A Stranger Love (feat. Sarah Chernoff) - Classixx

11.  Weekend In The Tropics - Groundislava

12.  Unicorn Suplex - Slugabed

13.  Black Cat - Broadcast

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