Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playlist 11/14/12

Congrats to the winner of the Faint/Trust/Casket Girls tickets! I love the new Sufjan Christmas album, I also love the new Crystal Castles album, both very different animals, but I guess that is the point of this show!  This week I have new music from the Babies, fall favorite (for me at least), Nirvana, and Kendrick Lamar??!

Tune in today, Wednesday, from 12pm-1pm PST on kxsc!

1.  Death Valley '69 - Sonic Youth

2.  Magic Hearts - Calvin Love

3.  Every Week Ends - Cale Parks

4.  Kerosene - Crystal Castles

5.  Shoom - Trust

6.  Ye Ye - Daphni

7.  Human After All - Daft Punk

8.  Carol of St. Benjamin The Bearded One - Sufjan Stevens

9.  About To Die - Dirty Projectors

10.  I Think I Need A New Heart - The Magnetic Fields

11.  Dear Catastrophe Waitress - Belle & Sebastian

12.  Delicate Hands - Social Studies

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